Clerics say Covid norms violation ‘a sin’

A health worker marks the hands of residents with home quarantine stamp. (PTI file)

Hyderabad: Religious and spiritual leaders expressed shock and concern over the lackadaisical attitude of people while the world is going through tough times. They condemned the lack of adherence to Covid safety norms by people at large and have equated such negligence to committing sin. Referring to spiritual teachings and religious texts, they said one should not be a cause for other’s ill health. Those indulging in violating these simple rules, will be answerable to God, they said.

While individual responsibility lies with everyone, acting in a manner that puts others at risk, especially by those who know they are Covid-19 positive but do not care about others around them, is doing a greater sin, they opined.


Venugopala Dikshitulu, the chief priest at Lord Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala, said, “Considering the gravity of the situation, where many lives are affected, and with chaos all over, people should take it seriously and must follow government issued precautions.”

He said to serve people was to serve God. “Everyone can do this by staying at home and following Covid-19 protocols and thereby do a great service to fellow humans,” he said. For those who have tossed the rules aside and are roaming about despite being Covid positive, Venugopala Diskshitulu said such individuals should know that they will be held accountable for spreading the disease to others. “Sri Venkateswara Swami will soon bring a solution for this pandemic, he will keep all the families in his care,” the Tirumala chief priest said.


Acharya Vimalsagarji Marasab, a Jain monk said, “Covid-19 has become a pandemic, and with no medicines to prevent it, people should act responsibly. Those who are positive have to be in quarantine. If such people go around spreading the disease, they should know they are committing a sin. They should also know that they have failed in their duty towards society and the nation.”

According to Sis Joy Cherian, founder of United Peoples Fellowship, “It is written in the Book of Isaiah, when a pandemic is around, you hide in the chambers, till it passes away.” She said, “When people know they are positive or symptomatic and still roam around in public places and in gathering, it will be a sin in God’s sight. If anyone who catches it from you and loses his or her life as a consequence, you will carry the burden of murder,” she said.


“I have made what the Prophet said about such conditions as part of my sermons now,” said Mohammed Husamuddin Sami Jaffar, a Muslim preacher. “According to the Prophet, when someone is ill, he should isolate himself, to stop spreading the disease.”

Gulbahar Singh, the Granthi, (chief priest) at Gurdwara Sahib, Ameerpet, said, “Anyone who spreads the disease, particularly after knowing that they have contracted it and ignore safety protocols that can save others around them, will have to face the consequences of their actions. ‘Wahe Guru’ will not forgive such people.” 


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